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'Inspiring individuals to be the best version of themselves.'

Our approach.

We work from a humanistic basis, embracing the core concepts of unconditional positive regard, empathy and authenticity, using these skills to develop a strong rapport with our clients.

We provide a non-judgemental space, allowing clients to share the content they are comfortable with, at the pace that feels right for them.

Our person-centered approach enables us to focus on a clients innate ability to reach towards their full potential, and to help them move past any experiences that are causing them to feel stuck. This can positively impact on an individuals ability to be self-aware, self-reliant and self-confident. 

We offer a wide range of approaches including Play and Art-Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) and Mindfulness-based CBT (MCCBT). The approaches we offer are widely researched and demonstrate great efficacy in the treatment of Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Bi-Polar, BPD & other related Mental Health Conditions.

Counsellor Hong Kong

Does your teenager need counselling?


Teens today face an ever-growing number of challenges. From academic pressure and difficulties coping with stress, to the lure of Social Media, with the follow on difficulties navigating content shared online. If left to spiral, such pressure can result in certain individuals experiencing a dip in resilience and potentially suffering from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, interpersonal difficulties, anger management issues and relational difficulties.

It is estimated that less than a third of children under 18 with a psychological problem receive any help, but therapy is often a very successful option for adolescents who are not coping.

Do I need Counselling?

Counselling can help with a wide range of personal issues; from simply understanding your own feelings, to specific difficulties such as depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, negative thinking and organisation difficulties. Our approach is suited to those who have an interest in exploring their understanding of themselves and reconnect with inner values and self-worth. In addition to the need to address specific habits or patterns of thinking.

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  • Individual

    • Children​

    • Teens

    • Adults

  • Couples

    • ​​Divorce/Separation Counselling​

    • Marriage Counselling

    • Parent Guidance
  • Family

    • Group Therapy​

    • Parent Guidance - Divorce/Separation

    • Parent Support

  • BACP - British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy

  • HKPCA - Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association

  • AAMFT - American Association of Marriage & Family Therapy

  • BBS - Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, USA.

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