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It's Time to Talk.

female counsellor HK

Time to Talk Day is upon us, an initiative created by MindHK, aimed at encouraging individuals in Hong Kong to talk about how they’re feeling and remind each other,

'it's ok not to be ok'.

Increasingly amongst young people in HK I have experienced my clients, friends and family embracing the opportunity to share their experiences with Mental Health, creating an inclusive environment founded on compassion, empathy and understanding.

Now I'm asking that you continue to expand on this growing community of brave storytellers and share your journey, either to a friend, a colleague or even to the world, through the use of your social media accounts.

I will be posting on social media throughout tomorrow, all I am asking from you is to harness that courage and share your stories and by doing so you might just make a difference to someone who is in a bad place.

Feel free to DM me, comment on a photo or tag me in your own story.


Head over to Mind HK for more information and to download resources and content to help spread the message that it is ok to talk about Mental Health.


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