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Saturdays are for #compassion

......AND every other day of the week, of course!

Mental Health Awareness week has now drawn to an end, but this does not mean the scope of our awareness should reduce or the reach of our empathy cease.

One way of continuing to Mental Health awareness is through compassion.

It might sound simple, but for many of those caught up in the busy day to day life that Hong Kong demands, can forget this simple but effective skill.

Here are a few tips and reminders:


Communicate - Listen, speak, understand and validate the thoughts and feelings of those around you.

Open - Embrace new ways of thinking, leave room in your mind for new ideas and ways of perceiving.

Meaningful - Send a meaningful message to someone you care about, reminding them that they are important and loved.

Practice - Acts of kindness! Go out of your way at least once a day to engage in a kind act, be it the gift of chocolate from 7/11 or your time.

Affection - A sincere hug, pat on the back or even a warm smile can make the world of difference to someone who needs a loving touch.

Selflessness - Sometimes helping someone else means putting your own needs aside, commit yourself to the needs of others when you can.

Safety - Create a safe space for others, listen to the perspectives of those around you, practice being objective and non judgemental.

I - Showing compassion to yourself is equally as important, extend the realm of kindness, care, love and lack of judgement to the past, present and future version of you.

Observe - Spend time viewing your environment and those in it with compassion, extending compassion to your environment is a rewarding form of mindfulness.

Now - All of these things can be achieved starting today, do your part!


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Amy Williams is an experienced counsellor working with pre-teens, teenagers and young adults in schools and private practice in Hong Kong, (see about Amy for more info).

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