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World Mental Health Day - 2018

Counselling for Adults in HK


Today is World Mental Health Day!

A day dedicated to promoting awareness, understanding, clarity and removing the stigma assigned with Mental Health Illnesses.

Let me start of by clarifying that this day is not for a select few, all of us have mental health and therefore all of us are involved, it's HOW we get involved that is the important part!

Do your bit today, from starting a conversation with a colleague or sharing your own story to addressing and discouraging misconceptions surrounding Mental Health.

As the World Health Organisation stated: 'There is no health without mental health'.

I decided to contribute in a few ways, firstly via self-care! As a counsellor it's really important I acknowledge the need for self-care, so I took time today to engage in some mindfulness based activities and strengthen my sense of self-compassion.

Secondly, I was lucky enough to be invited back to RTHK to share more on identifying, understanding and coping with Anxiety. This was a fantastic experience and an opportunity to spread further awareness of Mental Health, and to share more on the way it affects our children and teens here in Hong Kong.

If you weren't able to catch me on the radio then scroll down to see my interview from earlier today!



Amy Williams is an experienced counsellor working with pre-teens, teenagers and young adults in schools and private practice in Hong Kong, (see 'About Amy' for more info).

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